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Those habits are harmful to teeth

Hygiene and proper dental care plays an important role to have a perfect white smile. Everyone should eliminate the bad habits that are harmful to teeth.

Snacking is not beneficial for your teeth at  all. Snacking is the common habits of many people, especially women working in offices. Too much junk food will make the process of tooth enamel destruction happen faster.

Những thói quen có hại cho răng

Having too hot, too cold food, using teeth to bite hard and tough objects are habits should be avoided, because it will impact directly to the tooth enamel, get through it and affect internal organs such as root canals and tooth root, ethyl teeth, damage tooth enamel and bone marrow, tooth canals.

Using tooth picks too much and too long will increase teeth gaps, making it more susceptible to food after eating and cause gums injury. You should use floss to clean teeth after eating and brushing to remove plaque which may lead to destruction of tooth enamel. When finished brushing, you should rinse your mouth with mouthwash to clean every corner of the mouth. You should not use those too old and stiff toothbrushes because they damage your teeth jaw easily, so replace toothbrush every 3 months.

Periodical dental visit every 6 month is necessary to have tooth checked and to take tartar off. When identify tooth decay, patient need to go to dental clinic to have fillings or extractions, which helps protect teeth against the risk of tooth loss.


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