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Things to know about laser teeth whitening

This technology is the most advanced invention which is extremely safe and effective to help you get radiant white teeth in just one hour. Laser bleaching is technology that requires a lot of skill to be performed by the specialist.

The great thing is those who have teeth discolored by smoking, alcohol, coffee are now still able to possess a bright white smile.


Firstly, patient would have tartar removed, doctor will put a rubber gasket to isolate the gums, then those teeth would be covered by a gel containing disinfectant. This gel absorbs the light from the laser to stimulate a chemical reaction which changes the oxygen covering enamel and gradually penetrates into the teeth. This is a safe and effective treatment method.

However, to achieve optimal effect, client have to avoid smoking, drinking café or colored beverage, and using teeth whitening toothpaste as well.


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