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Should have dental treatment during pregnancy?

According to many people experience expanded by mouth-to-mouth stories, the mothers during pregnancy should not seek for dental treatment because it is easy to affect the fetus. What is the truth regarding this experience?

In fact, the pregnant women are people who are at high risk for many dental diseases as the amount of calcium in the body are low because they have to supply substance for children.

Often, those women are in good health condition will hardly notice the deficiencies in calcium, but conversely, the weak, when they are pregnant, the calcium in the body will decrease significantly.

At the fetal period about 25 weeks old, the bones are being formed strongly, the amount of calcium needed to provide is much higher than previous month. If the mother does not absorb enough calcium by having foods and drinks, it may cause serious calcium deficiency, and the first consequence patient encountering is oral disease.


If we act as traditional advices, pregnancy is not the time for dental care, it will seriously affect the baby later because if severe gingivitis can lead to premature birth. Plus, the mother’s cavities and tooth decay will make the baby share the same issues like inflamed throat or tooth decay.

According to research by scientists, if the mothers encounter tooth decay during pregnancy, the baby may have an inefficient digestive system, weak immune system, and under threatens of other diseases.

Therefore, mothers should not follow those transmission experiences and avoid dental when having signs of decay, discolored teeth ... It is important to have regular pregnancy dental visits for prevention and treatment.

However, at the period from 30 weeks onwards, the fetus is too large, and moving around is easy cause dizziness, so mothers may limit dental care from this period.

Preventing tooth decay in pregnancy:

To not facing the periodontal disease during pregnancy which may affect the fetus, the mother should take the following precautions:

- Brush teeth at least 2 times a day, after meals to keep good oral hygiene.

- During morning sickness stage, after each vomiting should rinse your mouth with water to reduce acidity in the mouth.

- If brushing cause nausea for pregnant women, can brush teeth gently then rinse mouth with a sanitation mouthwash.

- Eating foods rich in vitamin C, B12, calcium ... and limit sweets, fizzy beverage.


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