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Maintaining tooth color after bleaching

The results of teeth whitening treatment is not permanent. The following notes will help you maintain the result in a longer time:

Avoid using food, drink with dark color, use a straw when drinking water to avoid direct contact with the front teeth. Brush tooth immediately after eating or drinking colored food.


Oral hygiene:

- Brush your teeth at least 2 times / day, use floss 1 time / day. Use whitening toothpaste 1-2 times / week to remove food stains on the tooth surface, the remaining time can often use ordinary toothpaste with fluoride.

- Have dental checks every 6 months-1 year / time so that the doctor can checkups and tooth color evaluation, if necessary, can wear maintaining equipment. If you eat lots of color food or smoke, you should have your tooth bleached more frequently.

However, naturally, tooth color will get yellow over time due to age and diet.

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