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The dish should be eaten as a tooth extraction

If you have fillings or extractions, should drink soy milk several times a day to help stop bleeding and heal wounds.

What to eat when visiting the dentist to "handle" the problem tooth? 

Many people would assume that when you have to go to the dentist, there is no mood to consider eating. That is not true, suitable diet while having toothache, gingivitis, or any any type of dental treatment will help you heal wound and use less pills.

In general, those dental patient should:

- Reduce pain, to be able to smile along the way because you will have to re-visit to the dentist more than once.

- Anti-inflammatory so you are able to eat while get weak.

- Protect your tooth from multiple infections to avoid antibiotics while you has already been in a tough situation because of toothache.

It is not easy to meet all 3 above demands if just depends on the drug, because many patients already be in pain before coming to the dentist, moreover they have to bear the stress of being fillings, extractions ... That is why a reasonable diet with strategy "soft win tough" is the measure to both patients and dentists feel relieved soon.


Food should be used are:

Choose glass of strawberry juice due to its supportive substance can help to ease the pain, as same as aspirin. Eat a bowl of porridge with shiitake mushrooms because those ingredients can help inhibit inflammation after dental treatment done.

After that, a few cup of soya milk will reduce coagulation time and lecithin substance help heal the wound much faster.  Eating sweet potatoes provides vitamin A - essential for the restoration of the teeth, gums and oral mucosa. Besides, having yogurt can enhance antibiotic’s impact thanks to acidobacillus, but not so cold one.

Foods to avoid:

Avoid those sweets food, including honey, because sugar fermentation reactions in the palate is the reason make inflammation easily extended.

Keeping candy in mouth to antiseptic throat after teeth done contains more harms than good effect, due to the fact that oral mucosa will just dry and easily be irritated by sugar in candy.

Avoid carbonated beverages because those contained substance can reduce the effects of painkillers. If possible, use a straw to avoid direct approach of water and tooth.

Don’t use sour foods such as lemons, grapefruit, especially when you just have your tooth grinded, to avoid acids in foods attack the tooth enamel.

Dr. Luong Le Hoang


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