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5 harmful habits may negatively affect teeth

In fact, most people do not even realize that they are harming their teeth. Below is a list of habits that negatively affect your teeth.

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* Eating too slow – or continuously

The frequency of your meals can negatively affect your oral health. After eating, the sticky plaque on your teeth produces acids that attack the teeth. That is why junk food is the main cause of tooth decay. If you eat slowly and long, your teeth will have to operate continuously with food and get a chance to fight the bacteria.

* Teeth grinding

A lot of women grind their teeth, especially during sleep without knowing that it was totally not good for their teeth. Likewise, clenching teeth when feel stress is also a bad habit, making your teeth gradually lose gums and cause headaches or jaw pain.

* Do not go to the dentist - especially when trying to conceive

The American Dental Association recommends that annual dental examination twice a year is extremely necessary. A regular dental visit is very beneficial, because the dentist will soon discover the smallest problem, but can be a big threat to your teeth. Another reason to seek dentistry is when you are trying to conceive. You need to know these tooth-related problems such as gingivitis for timely treatment during pregnancy.

* To dry mouth

Some medications may cause dry mouth. If there is not enough saliva to neutralize the acid and wash your mouth, you more susceptible to decay. The drugs cause dry mouth include diuretics, antihistamines, decongestants and pain relievers ... Depends on the quantity. Those drug cause dry mouth at various levels.

Another possibility of other causes dry mouth can also be asthma patients and those patients who have to use inhalers. If you fall into this situation, you are at risk of tooth damage, so you should limit regularly brushing your teeth, eating sweets and drink more water.

* Sipping sodas

Sodas are basically as harmful to teeth as candy. If you drink sodas, it's best to drink it all at one time, not a sip, not drink all day, or drink with meals. According to experts, sipping soda water is not different to "wash" your mouth in suger all day. In addition, you can also use a straw to drink soft drinks without worrying about teeth exposed.


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