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Happy Birthday Consolidated Dental 2013

Picnic exchanges between the surface and Dentistry Consolidated Labo

Things to know about laser teeth whitening

This technology is the most advanced invention which is extremely safe and effective to help you get radiant white teeth in just one hour. Laser bleaching is technology that requires a lot of skill to be performed by the specialist.

Those habits are harmful to teeth

Hygiene and proper dental care plays an important role to have a perfect white smile. Everyone should eliminate the bad habits that are harmful to teeth.

Maintaining tooth color after bleaching

The results of teeth whitening treatment is not permanent. The following notes will help you maintain the result in a longer time:

Should have dental treatment during pregnancy?

According to many people experience expanded by mouth-to-mouth stories, the mothers during pregnancy should not seek for dental treatment because it is easy to affect the fetus. What is the truth regarding this experience?

Why infants teething slowly?

Usually, children from 6 to 12 months will grow 8 incisors (4 above, 4 below), usually the first teeth 2 bottom front teeth. 12-18 months to grow another 4 premolars. The disease relates to malnutrition can cause delayed teething.

Which is the cause of halitosis?

Bad breath is a symptom of the temporarily poor oral hygiene condition, but it can also exist due to the backlog of food particles or gum disease.

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