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1. How should I eat after having my tooth extracted?

Q: I have tooth number 8 placed at incorrect position, which causes pain sometimes. My dentist advised that I should extract it. What should I pay attention on before and after that treatment?

Ms. Hanh – Ho Thi Ky Street

2. Why should I have orthodontics?

Q: Last time, my children had a oral test with dentist, and she was adviced to have tooth braced. I would like to know the reason and if orthodotics is harmful to children tooth.

Phuong’s mother – District 10

3. Whether dental bleaching contains any harm?

Q: I’m not confident with my teeth’s color, therefore, I would like to whitening them. However, I heard that this service is not good, may cause serious effect on health and oral. Please kindly confirm.

Ms.Hong – Ngo Gia Tu street

4. Dental bleaching – How to maintain service’s result

Q: I have just had dental bleaching, please kindly give me solution to maintain my teeth white.

Ms.Van – Thu Duc district

5. Anyone who has teeth lost can have implant installation?

Q: Anyone who has teeth lost can have implant installation

Mr.Hai – Tan Phu District

6. My tooth was broken by accident, do I need to see doctor?

Mr.Phuong – Su Van Hanh Districh

7. My son accidentally hit the door. Back to that time, everything seemed to be fine. However, the front teeth seems to have a darker color compare to other. Is that a serious issue?

8. While having meal, the chewed a tiny stone and my tooth got broken, what should I do?

Ms.Su – Ngo Gia Tu street

9. What should I do when my gum receding?

Q: I have been having gingivitis for several years, and I took vitamin C, PP but it has not been better. My teeth usually bleed and get freeze. Recently, my gums get worse and look bad. I would like to know how should I have my tooth treated?

10. Why are those ceramic teeth more expensive than plastics ones?

11. How long does it take to make ceramic teeth?

12. Is it hurt to have dental treatment?



1. How should I eat after having my tooth extracted?

A: Your concern is truly necessary because suitable diet while having dental issues or tooth extraction may increase the healing speed. If you have to extract tooth, it is suggested to have couple drinks of soya milk during day to avoid bleeding and heal wound faster. After that treatment, you should have diet as following: strawberry juice due to its supportive substance can help to ease the pain, as same as aspirin. After that, a few cup of soya milk will reduce coagulation time and lecithin substance help heal the wound. Besides, having yogurt can enhance antibiotic’s impact thanks to acidobacillus, but not so cold one. Those vitamin A contained in yam, papaya or carrot is necessary for recovery of teeth, gum as well as wound. For those first meals after extraction, it is better to have porridge so that the teeth don’t have to work so hard and it is easy to digest. However, it is advised that you shouldn’t have food that is sweet, including honey and gas beverage and ice drink, and those sore fruit like lemon or orange, beer and alcohol.

2. Why should I have orthodontics?

In your letter, you didn’t mention your child teeth status (such as overbite, underbite, or teeth appeared not in order…). If your child oral status has those above signs, dentists would suggest children to have orthodontics to help protect the teeth and ensure the oral beauty. Suggested age frame for orthodontics is from 10 to 14 years old because this is the period that tooth begin to shape and it is easy to align them. Adults can also have orthodontics for beauty purpose. There are three types of braces: The most popular type is metal or plastic brace bonded to teeth and less noticeable. Type “tongue brace” that attached to the inside of the tooth, cannot be seen. The traditional type includes metal braces that wrap around the teeth and cover most of the teeth. All types of braces use steel wires to move the teeth to the desired position. Time for treatment is usually from 18-30 months (depending on the treatment plan). While wearing braces should avoid eating sweets, hard foods ... because most likely they will break braces. Oral hygiene is important work: brush your teeth carefully and correctly, spend time after meals to clean up gaps between braces and wire to gun and teeth healthy.

3. Whether dental bleaching contains any harm?

The tooth bleaching is a reasonable aesthetic needs, especially for women. But the bleaching is rampantly done in the dental clinics – where lack of equipment, poor workmanship, or even patient self-medication of bleach ... leads to unpredictable consequences, such as fractured ankle teeth, gingivitis... Not everyone can have teeth bleached. Dentists recommend that people with teeth with bad teeth ankle, lacking of enamel, many tooth decay, pregnant women, people with diabetes, children under 18 should not have teeth bleached. The method can be applied on those unbroken teeth, which doesn’t have many broken fillings in the teeth markings. The effect of white teeth doesn’t depend much on the patient, on each person's tooth enamel. If you want your teeth bleached, it is advised to go to the hospital, the center dental clinic to have consultant to advise whether or not to bleach the teeth.

4. Dental bleaching – How to maintain service’s result

The results of teeth whitening treatment are not permanent. The following notes will help you maintain the result in a longer time: avoid using food, drink with dark color, use a straw when drinking water to avoid direct contact with the front teeth. Brush tooth immediately after eating or drinking colored food.

Oral hygiene: Brush your teeth at least 2 times / day, use floss 1 time / day. Use whitening toothpaste 1-2 times / week to remove food stains on the tooth surface, the remaining time can often use ordinary toothpaste with fluoride. Have dental checks every 6 months-1 year / time so that the doctor can checkups and tooth color evaluation, if necessary, can wear maintaining equipment. If you eat lots of color food or smoke, you should have your tooth bleached more frequently.

However, naturally, tooth color will get yellow over time due to age and diet.

5. Anyone who has teeth lost can have implant installation?

Most people who lose teeth can also have implants. However, there are a few factors that affect the success of dental implants. Depending on the specific case where a specialized dentist will be able to study directly and assess accurately.

6. My tooth was broken by accidence, do I need to see doctor?

Yes, immediately. Seeing the dentist within 30 minutes after the accident occurred is a meaningful decision whether that tooth can be recovered or not.

When dislodged teeth, need to do the following:

- Call your dentist for an emergency appointment

- Hold the tooth on top, do not touch the tooth root to avoid destroying cells at the root surface, these cells are required for the resumption associated with bone.

- Gently washed sand sticking to teeth by water.

- Place the tooth into the mouth, between the cheek and gum to keep your teeth humidity.

- If you cannot keep your teeth in your mouth, then gently wrapped into one soft cloth, soaked in milk and see your dentist immediately.

- Your dentist would be able to attach the tooth back into position, consolidate it so that to the surrounding bone can be healed.

7. My son accidentally hit the door. Back to that time, everything seemed to be fine. However, the front teeth seems to have a darker color compare to other. Is that a serious issue?

Dental injuries can be fatal, inside pulp may necrotic and make your teeth become dark. At this time, because your child's teeth are permanent teeth so there should be endodontic treatment (root canal welding). The color of your teeth can be improved by bleaching method.

8. While having meal, the chewed a tiny stone and my tooth got broken, what should I do?

If you do not have pain, you can contact your dentist for an appointment so that the dentist can examine carefully, determine what needs to be done. In the meantime, you should keep your teeth in good condition
If you feel pain, it is advisable to see your dentist as soon as possible.

9. What should I do when my gum receding?

Gingivitis, injury around the teeth is a common cause of gum receding. The consequences of this issue is loss of tooth enamel and cement, exposing the dentin, tooth sensitivity, if the problem is not treated in time may lead to pulp inflammation. On the other hand, slipped gum can greatly affects aesthetics. To overcome his condition, he should choose a brush with round bristles, soft, while brushing try not touch gum, should use warm water to brush your teeth. Use a mouthwash containing chlorhexidin, fluorid sodium, potassium nitrate can reduce sensitivity and teeth root atrophy. Depending on the gum level that doctors assign different treatments, which can be keep plastic tray with gel fluorid while sleeping or daily, using laser combined with fluorid, cover teeth with composite materials surgery ... That child should come to doctor to obtain appropriate treatment. Also note that not eating the food, drinking sour, fizzy, cold, overheating food to prevent tooth sensitivity from getting worse.

10. Why are those ceramic teeth more expensive than plastics ones?

This is due to the differences in manufacturing process and equipment to make teeth. For plastic, those dental equipment are negligible; simple production process, just boil plastic in boiling water (100do C) for an hour to make a complete product.

Plastic teeth is simple to produce, which resulted in a low cost, however, they are easy to infuse nevertheless generated translation mouth odor, and only after 2 years of use is worn, loss of gloss and color change.

For porcelain teeth, expensive equipment (a lab to conduct porcelain costs $ 30,000 minimum), complex manufacturing processes, those porcelain teeth need to be baked in a vacuum furnace at about 10000C and repeat process at least 7 times to get the glossy porcelain teeth, beautiful, natural color.

HOP NHAT dental porcelain product is done by electronic oven imported from Germany, firing processes are programmed by computer to produce a perfect product.

Due to strict production process, porcelain teeth totally not absorb saliva, using over 10 years still does not change color, not lost the shine the influence of brushing and chewing.


11. How long does it take to make ceramic teeth?

Time needed for porcelain restorations depends on dental status, number of tooth, position of restorations as well as the porcelain category that you want. But we can fairly accurately predict the completion time as follows:

Root canal treatment - take your veins: 1-3 dental visits (3 days)
Porcelain tooth types: (crowns, bridges, …)
+ From 1-4 teeth: 2-3 days (3-4 dental visits)
+ From 5 or more: 3-5 days (3-5 dental visits)

Prosthesis of Tetracycline infected tooth: it is usually to have 6-10 teeth done per jaw.
+ Make a jaw (6 - 12 teeth): 3-5 days.
+ Make two jaws (from 12-24 teeth): 5-8 days.
Porcelain dental restorations on implants will add from 1-3 days depends on cases compared with conventional treatment cases

=> When a root canal treatment - obtain and prosthetic, total treatment duration includes canal treatment time and prosthetic period. (Normally, when combined at once, the treatment time will be shortened.)

However, when planning dental timeline, you should reserve from 1-2 days or even 3-4 days in the case of multiple teeth, doctor can have time to monitor, edit prosthesis after a few days using.

The case of having extractions, the healing time usually lasts from 7-10 days, you should keep in mind when setting schedule. While waiting for healing, you can ask for temporary teeth from your dentist so that you to be able to communicate and work normally.

12. Is it hurt to have dental treatment?

In general, no one wants to suffer any toothache. And we also faced many cases because being fear of the pain that many clients hesitate to dentistry. Many cases lead to periodontal disease or get worse and more difficult to treat as well as much more expensive than early treatment with the correct method.

Knowing that, Hop Nhat Dental has equipped with new and modern equipment such as digital X Ray machine in place, hand grinding – advanced Orthodontic High Speed - with bearings made from Durable ceramic, which is the invention of advanced technology for NASA's space. Besides, the ingenuity of specialist doctors and gentle music would makes dental treatment becomes soft, more comfortable than before. (If you have ever experienced dental treatment).

In addition, Hop Nhat Dental has invested such great effort in getting timely information regarding oral knowledge from basic to advance to help preserve and protect our client oral health better. Nothing in better than your real teeth, keeping teeth properly, timely dental treatment will let you have a bright smile, healthy and save a lot of time, effort, money and stay away from fear feeling.

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