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Hop Nhat dental clinic performs the circular No. 18/2009 / TT / BYT guiding the work of infection control in medical facilities and treatment of the Ministry of Health as well as complying regulations of disinfection of the HCM City Department of Health and infection control guidelines in dentistry by the American dental Association (American dental Association).

All are controlled entirely from the risk of HIV infection, hepatitis, tuberculosis ... Every customer is treated with a separate kit which has to be cleaned and sterilized. In addition, all equipment - machinery related to the treatment are sterilized immediately after being used.

Tools sterilization:

After treatment, all the tools are:

- Soaked into sterilizing fluid called Ampholysine in 15 minutes.
- Scrub, rinse instruments with ultrasonic vibrator SonicClean
- Dried and packaged.
- Sterilized by an automatic autoclave machine (under 1 atmosphere pressure for 30 minutes).
- Reserved the sterilized instruments in UV cabinet.

Sterilizing handpieces (High speed and Slow speed):

New Generation Dentistry has equipped separate handpiece for individuals in everyday treatment. At the end of the day, the drill will be sent to a sterilizing room to lubricate and disinfect the handpieces by W & H equipment.

Sterilizing dental chairs and working surface:

- Contaminated surfaces will be cleaned with sterilizing paper
- Spraying microbicides on dental chairs surface, spittoons, overhead light.  
- Dried with a clean paper.

Sterilizing instruments process description.:

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