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Should not underrate children’s teeth

Parents usually think that children’s teeth are not important because they will be replaced by permanent teeth. This is wrong thinking and can cause avoidable consequences.


Teeh development process of chirldren’s teeth

Baby teeth stage lasts from having the first baby tooth up to 5 years old. The very first tooth erupts at the age of 6 months and continues until twenty teeth in 18 months. This is a fast-growing young stage along with the development of the baby teeth.

At this stage, children’s weight and height grow rapidly, so appropriate diet in first 2 years can help children improve their height.

Parents usually think that children’s teeth are not important because they will be replaced by permanent teeth. This is not right. If you need a pretty set of teeth to eat and communicate, so do children. Decay, toothache, toothless give kids hard times in eating which causes loss of appetite, anorexia, innutrition and affect their development.

In case children unfortunately get involved in an accident or injury which affected their oral, parents should remember this incident and tell a doctor later. This is very important in diagnosing permanent tooth stuck or malformation.

Mix stage is a stage when 6 - 12 year old children have both deciduous and permanent teeth. In this stage, their development is stable and steadily over years. The first Permanent tooth usually is the First Molar (Tooth Number 6), lower and upper incisor.

From the age of 9 – 12, all the remaining teeth erupt thoroughly. All the teeth should be presented except wisdom teeth which usually erupt at 17 -25 years old.

Connection between deciduous and permanent teeth

Parents usually think that baby teeth do not need treatment because they will automatically fell out and be replaced. This is a very wrong assumption.

Baby teeth play an important role in keeping spaces for permanent teeth to erupt appropriately. Some cases like toothless, decay due to accidents can cause the others move to that remaining space. Therefore, the underneath permanent teeth do not have enough space to grow up which leads to hidden teeth, teeth stuck or crooked teeth.

Previously, if decays tooth and toothless are not being treated, they can make your kids suffer from eating. Gradually, they become anorexic and innutritious which can affect their development.

In summary, beside regular checkups and taking care of oral health, dental caries treatment, parents should notice their doctors about the accidents in any cases.


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