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Should not underrate children’s teeth

Parents usually think that children’s teeth are not important because they will be replaced by permanent teeth. This is wrong thinking and can cause avoidable consequences.


American Association of Orthodontists recommends parents should have their children orthodontic check before the age of 7, when they still have baby teeth and permanent teeth.

What parent should do to give their child a shining smile?

Orthodontics is a great way to have a harmonious teeth, healthy bones and gums which is indispensable for your child to have confidence in later years

Orthodontics – does it hurt?

Orthodontics will make your teeth hurt a bit and have some difficulties in eating and drinking in the first 2 days.

Bad habits that affect oral

Your kids€™ daily routines can affect oral health that parents often do not notice.

Oral hygiene Instruction for children

Parents need to pay attention to instruct their child about oral hygiene to help children have strong teeth and prevent diseases in the future.

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