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White and pink aesthetics

In dentistry, white aesthetics means teeth aesthetics while pine aesthetics are about gums aesthetics. Usually, we all pay more attention to teeth aesthetics than pink aesthetics. A perfect set of teeth consists of both kinds of aesthetics.

White aesthetics

A set of teeth that suits the owner’s face and gender is considered beautiful. The shape of upper incisors is significantly importance in cosmetic dentistry. This shape is very different between men and women. The shape of men teeth need square edges to represent masculineness while women’s shape need slim and rounded teeth to demonstrate the smoothness and gracefulness.

Your teeth color should match your complexity and individual makeup style. In general, if your skin is light and you usually do makeup, your color should whiter than normal. In fact, teeth color is very complicated, everyone has a unique color. Among the materials used for dentures, ceramic is a material reflects honestly the vivid color of teeth. Basic teeth color needs 3 ceramic layers: color of cervical – color of body – color of margin; however; to have a beautiful teeth color we need at least 7 ceramic layers overlapping but not mixing together, then baking it into a specialized furnace.


Porcelain veneer in Labo


Teeth after baking

Porcelain color is influenced by light penetration, under the light of some conventional dentures look very beautiful but it can be very different under light (especially ultraviolet light). Only porcelain that has "Fluorescence" feature can remain it owncolor (this is especially important for anyone who usually go to bars, dance halls or for artists or writers...)

Pink aesthetics

Healthy gums are pink near the teeth, not white or red. Their actual color varies according to an individuals' complexion. They often have a stippled (orange peel texture) appearance and are firm and resistant to movement. They are tight to the teeth, with a scalloped appearance around each tooth. The gum thins out almost to a knife edge, and there is a barely perceptible 'turtle neck" collar of gum tissue and a slight indentation (called the gingival sulcus), where the gum meets a tooth. Usually, when you smile, a linJing of gums that covers where the roots of the teeth meet the jaw bone has a length of 2-3mm. When it is more than 3 mm, we call it gummy smile.

Healthy gums are pink and completely fill the spaces between the teeth.

Not only the shape and color, we also have to pay attention to the revelation and the balance of gum when you smile so that you can make a complete aesthetic plan. Here are some examples:

 In this case, your gum is too excessive and the color is not attractive due to inflammation of low quality artificial tooth.


Excess gingival tissue was removed after 2 weeks.


After applying 3 teeth porcelain crowns

Pink aesthetics can be compared to a lawn which honors the beauty of the house.


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