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Customers should have dental checkups every 6 months

To ensure the dental health and at a little cost, customers should have dental checkups periodically (usually every 6 months).

The importance of get your teeth checked regularly

Getting your teeth checked regularly is very important to keep your teeth and gum healthy. A regular regime of dental care and hygiene in conjunction with regular dental check-ups can reduce the influence of dental disease over other conditions. The dentist may recommend you to visit more frequently depending on the status of your oral health.

Teeth and gums after being cleaned

A few months after being cleaned, your teeth can be get plaque and stained by foods, drinks, cigrarette…Times by times, plaque will become tartar.

Cavities detection is just a small part of the dental examination. During a checkup a patient has to been though a lot of examination such as gum check ,teeth mobility, mouth check to search for oral cancer , diabetes and vitamin deficiencies signs and specially the structures of the surface, saliva and temporal mandibular-joint (also referred as TMJ). Dentists will clean your teeth and give you some advices about oral health.

Regular dental visit

In each visit, dentists will check your teeth, gum, mouth and throat. A regular dental examination may include the following:

Examining your head and neck

  • Check for signs of cancer
  • Check the face’s structure
  • Palpate the chewing muscles.
  • Palpate lymph nodes
  • Check temporomandibular joint-mandibular (TMJ)

Examining your teeth

  • Periodontic check
  • Checking your teeth mobility
  • Checking your mucous membrane
  • Testing your saliva (or lack of saliva)
  • Checking your occlusion
  • Checking your teeth to see if there are any cavities.
  • Checking the abrasion level on tooth surface
  • Checking appliances that has been placed in your mouth and remove if necessary.

Teeth cleaning

  • Checking the cleanliness of your mouth
  • Removing tartar
  • Polishing your teeth
  • Using Dental Floss
  • Giving advices about Oral hygiene.

After the examination, dentists will make a detail treatment plan for customers and schedule the next meeting if necessary. Preventing dental disease in conjunction with a thorough dental care regimen at home will ensure a healthy mouth.

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