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Oral health - Small but vital

According to National Institute of Odonto Stomatology, at the age of 6-8 years old, the rate of decays in permanent teeth is 25%. From 9-14 years old, this rate increased up to 54%. And at the age of 45 years old, this rate is 90%.

With this surprising statistics, our country is considered the country that has the highest rate of inflamed teeth in the world.

There are two causes of this situation. The flour concentration in water is at 0.4mm which is lower than half of the international standard.

Moreover, the awareness is too low, Vietnamese think that oral health is no significant. An estimated 80% of Vietnamese never have a dental check while mouth is the entrance for the bacteria and the cause of periodontal disease which can lead to other disease such as diabetes, heart disease, severe acute respiratory or worse it can cause pregnant women to give premature birth.

Due to the inflammation, bacteria invade into bloodstreams and other organs as well as immune systems.

Beside traditional brushing method, using mouthwash liquid is the best and effective way to prevent and treat periodontal disease. Some people usually dilutes the liquid with water which has decrease the effectiveness up to 90%.

During having mouthwash, you should keep it in your mouth for 30s and tilt your neck backwards so that the antimicrobial infuse into your throat so that you can prevent strep throat.

Dental care at home

At workplace

Brushing teeth after meal will never be unnecessary. You had better brush your teeth after eating about 3 minutes when bacteria is still not move to teeth or gum from food.

Among daily meals, there are 2 meals that are not convenient for you to brush your teeth. It is when you are in your office.

The most convenient and safe way is to carry a small mouthwash tub. Mouth rinse liquid has the same effective as a tube of toothpastes such as killing bacteria, preventing tartar buildup, protecting your gums. You should use mouthwash after eating about 3minutes to make sure that your mouth is protected in a safest and simplest way.

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