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Things to know about orthodontics

Recently, Vietnamese has been used to the word "orthodontics" or  in another word "braces".

Orthodontics is the treatment of irregularities in the teeth (especially of alignment and occlusion) and jaws, including the use of braces. Besides, orthodontics can help eliminate some bad habits from children such as thumb or lips sucking.


Any age can have orthodontics

American Association of Orthodontists recommend that : when your child is 8 year olds, parent should take their child to see orthodontists. If you wait until your child grows up when your child’s bones fully develop, the treatment process can be more complicated.

However, It doesn’t mean that adults can not have orthodontic treatment. Along with the development of economy, beauty demands are getting higher as well as the concept of a beautiful smile, many people want to have a straight, neat and attractive set of teeth. With the advancement in dental technology, orthodontics can be applied for the age group from 8 to over 50 years old.

What should you eat when you are wearing braces

You should eat soft food and cut it into small pieces. You shouldn’t try hard and brittle food.

For example: You shouldn’t bite an apple, cut it into small pieces instead or purree it. No chewing gums, nuts, popcorns

Choose a suitable treatment

In case you need to have pre-orthodontic treatment, specialists will design a special appliance for each patient. These tools can be removable.

In orthodontic period, orthodontists will adjust a fixed appliance into your mouth including bonding brackets and putting on dental arch wires.

Metal braces

Delta braces are designed spectacularly to help our orthodontists control teeth movement better and shorten treatment time. The average time for treatment is approximately 1 year.

These braces are applied for complicated cases.

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after 7 months

Lingual braces

You want to have a beautiful smile but hesitate to wear braces in 2- 3 years. With lingual braces, it won’t be your concern anymore. Porcelain braces has a color as your teeth, so even you are wearing braces, other people still find it hard to see your braces.

Clarity brackets combining with Ni-Ti Thermal wire has shorten treatment time down to 1 -2 years. Depending on your condition, orthodontist will advice a suitable braces system for you.


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