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Orthodontics for adults: Never too late.

Orthodontic performance can be conducted for any age to improve smiles and confidence. These days, more and more adults  decide to have orthodontics which is a consider in the past due to the lack of awareness of older generation.

In some circumstances, if orthodontics is not implemented, some problems can be worse. For examples, deviated teeth can causes troubles in oral care and hygiene which lead to gum disease, gum inflammation, toothloss, Temporo-Maxillary Joint.

With newest technology, time for orthodontic treatment has been reduced but the quality is still ensured. Wearing lingual braces can improve your confidences in daily communication during the treatment.

Mắc cài kim loại

Metal braces

Mắc Cài Kim Loại và Mắc Cái Thẩm Mỹ

Metal braces and lingual braces

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